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      Protestors gather at Eagle Mine

      On Thursday morning, protestors gathered near the Eagle Mine to bring attention to what they call "major concerns" in the sale of the mine to Lundin Mining.

      The objective of the protestors was to get the attention of Lundin's potential investors and marketing analysts that were visiting the site throughout the morning.

      The protestors say there is grave reason for concern for the environment as well as Lundin's reputation in the mining industry. The many concerns about the mining company's reputation include the lack of transparency and the mine that, the crowd says, Lundin owns and operates in the Congo.

      "Lundin gets 50 percent of their assets from the Congo. The company has never provided a complete list of what makes up their ore here which they are required to do by the state," said Jana Mathieu.

      Representative Dan Blondeau from Eagle Mine wanted to assure the public that Lundin Mining has followed the same guidelines as in the past to protect the environment.

      "They've committed to the same environmental safety standards that we've held in place for over a decade," said Blondeau.

      Lundin Mining finalized the sale of Eagle Mine this summer and has been in complete operation of the mine since July.