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      Protestors gather in front of Bellin Health

      Moyle employees and various members of the community gathered in front of Bellinâ??s Health Clinic rallying against Moyle Construction. They say they are subjected to a number of poor safety and working conditions.

      Protestors say this isn't a union/non-nion issue;it's a workers'rights issue. They say employees deal with low pay and a lack of health care and retirement benefits.

      â??My Davis Bacon Pension Plan has not been paid and itâ??s from 2011â?|itâ??s a large amount of money,â?? says Darin Burcar, a Moyle employee.

      The main message of the rally is that responsible health care institutions like Bellin Health shouldn't associate with a contracting company that mistreats their employees.

      â??I'm just trying to support the Moyle employees,and hopefully they'll get this resolved,â?? Darin says.

      Tom Helminen, President of Moyle Construction, says the company's work and safety measures are outstanding and doesn't agree with complaints concerning poor working conditions.

      â??Our experience mod is .69; the best you can possibly have is .67, and 1.0 is the industry standard or average. We are well below average and have an outstanding safety record,â?? says Tom.

      Moyle also sent a statement that says the Bellin project hasn't had a single safety incident or fine by inspectors. When we asked Tom about pensions and benefits, he says he was unable to comment.

      Protestors hope the rally will encourage employers to provide their workers with health care and say they will continue to fight until their voices are heard.