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      Protests continue over right-to-work

      Protests continued Wednesday around the state after Governor Rick Snyder signed right-to-work into law on Tuesday. Marquette was one of the protest sites in Michigan.

      In front of the Marquette County Courthouse, protesters carrying signs expressing their disappointment in the governor's decision to pass the right-to-work bill. On Monday, teachers in both Marquette and Negaunee marched, showing their support. Union supporters feel they're getting a raw deal.

      "I think the way the legislation was passed is certainly suspect; it's a lame duck session, there's new legislators taking over after the first of the year, so the way it was passed, there was no public input. There's no way to express your opinion. It was just done so fast, it really is suspect," said Tony Retaskie, the Executive Director of the U.P. Construction Council.

      Right-to-work outlaws mandatory union dues and membership as a condition of employment, even for those not joining the union. The protestors told us they planned to demonstrate until they hear from Governor Snyder, personally.