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      Prounzos Brass Quintet

      S tudents from Bothwell Middle School and Marquette Senior High School were given a musical treat Friday.

      T he Prounzos Brass Quintet, a group of undergraduate students from Michigan State University all play brass instruments, and a wide variety of music as well.

      T hey travelled to Marquette to perform for the grade-school students, and to teach them what it's like to be in a musical group.

      M arquette native Jacob Bender said the group loves to share their love of music with others.

      Bender said,"I t's awesome , knowing we can share what we do and what we love to play . S howing the kids that they can do something like this ; T hey can make their own brass quintet and play this type of music . I t's really something special that we can show them. "

      T he Prounzos Brass Quintet will be giving a free performance for the public Saturday at 7p.m. at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Marquette.