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      P.S. I Love You day

      Purple was a popular color at Gwinn High School on Tuesday as part of their P.S. I Love You day.

      The school's Youth Advisory Council made suicide prevention their focus for the school year. And, after a student took her own life in fall of 2012, the awareness theme became more personal.

      A 15-year-old girl in New York, who lost her dad to suicide, started the P.S I Love You day at her high school. When Gwinn's students found a video about it online, they decided to follow the tradition.

      The third Tuesday of every month, Gwinn students wear purple to show their support of people that deal with depression and suicidal thoughts.

      Students also baked cookies. Some of the money went to their suicide prevention walk this Saturday, May 18. Registration is from 9 a.m., free of charge, and the walk begins at 10 a.m. A tree planting ceremony is immediately following the walk in memory of the teen that took her own life.