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      Public offers feedback on NMU Presidential candidates

      Faculty, staff, and Foundation members from Northern Michigan University offered their feedback on the presidential candidates.

      Three of the four candidates have presented publicly so far.

      Robert Ackerman gave his presentation last week.

      Fritz Erickson and Greg Cant presented earlier this week.

      It seems they have a favorite, but don't want to say who it is yet.

      "Of the three I have definitely one that I think has risen to the top, and I think that Northern would be fine with that person if we chose to go in that direction. I would like to hold off and see what the fourth person is going to be. I'm interested in hearing her as well," said Randy Jensen, a Professor at the NMU School of Health and Human Performance.

      The fourth candidate, Dr. Cynthia Pemberton, will present on Tuesday, April 15th in the Peter White Lounge of the University Center.