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      Public Radio 90 "Friendraiser"

      Six hundred pledges is how much Public Radio 90 is asking for during this month's "Friendraiser."

      The station doesn't have commercial advertising, so they have to rely on their listeners to keep it afloat.

      "Anybody who has to raise any money for anything knows how hard it is to ask people for money. It's also great to know that our listeners realize what a big difference that they make. What we're able to put on air here is a direct reflection of their contributions," says Station Manager Evelyn Massaro.

      So far, the station has over 163 pledges, which means they are a ways away from their goal of 600.

      When the station sets a specific money value goal, they normally aim for $70,000 to $90,000. And in years past when they haven't reached it, they've had to cut programs.

      "For the past couple years, and the economy being as tough as it has, we haven't hit our goals, and we've had to make some changes in our programming, but our listeners have been very understanding of that. We can't buy Cadillac programs with a used-truck budget," Massaro adds.

      During the Friendraiser, the station has plenty of volunteers, but they're always looking for more.

      "We absolutely depend on our volunteers. There's no way we could run a fundraiser without our volunteer support. We have volunteers helping us, answering phones, and make sure that all of our callers get their calls answered in a timely manner," says Underwriting Coordinator Leigh Barry.

      To donate online, click here.