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      Public safety officials attend Blue mass

      Our service members are always in the line of duty and one church in Marquette county is saying thanks.

      On Sunday law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS responders and all involved in our county's public safety gathered at St. Louis the King Church in Harvey for a Blue mass.

      The church has been hosting the Blue mass for more than ten years as a way to show appreciation to those working in public safety.

      Around forty service members from the Michigan State Police, Marquette city police, and Chocolay township fire attended the mass.

      It gives the church an opportunity to pray for the protection of those working in public safety.

      "Especially those that are on duty during the day and at all times. Having been a former law enforcement officer I know the power of prayer and even now as a volunteer firefighter I appreciate them. I say a little prayer before I go onto the scene or when I go on a call. So, prayer is very important," said Rev. Ben Paris, St. Louis the King Church.

      Those in attendance were also given medals.

      Officers received a medal of St. Michael and firefighters received one of St. Florian.