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      Public TV and radio stations face cuts

      Northern Michigan University's public broadcasting stations are facing some serious budget cuts due to the federal sequestration.

      WNMU-TV and Public Radio 90 have to cut their budgets by a combined $44,000. This also includes the Public Eye News program that NMU students use to gain hands-on experience on the set.

      General Manager Eric Smith is hopeful the community can help the stations raise money to offset the budget cuts.

      "We'll have to reduce some services, we think, but we also see an opportunity to ask the public whether or not they'd like to help with additional funding that would reduce the amount of cuts we need to make. So for every dollar that we raise, that's a dollar that we don't have to cut," said Smith.

      Smith also said that the number of grant opportunities has also been reduced as many agencies are facing similar cuts. The university's broadcasting stations also saw substantial cuts back in 2004 when they were forced to reduce their staff by nearly 50 percent.