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      Publicly-owned Negaunee Cable going private

      After decades of public ownership, Negaunee Cable is going private in a last-bid attempt to stay afloat.

      Theresa Argall has owned Tino's Bar and Pizza in Negaunee for 32 years.

      And for 32 years, though she's had other options, she's stuck by Negaunee Cable for all her television needs.

      "I believe in Negaunee and I believe in supporting it. Negaunee supports me, I believe in supporting Negaunee. That's why I stay with it. It's good, its provided me with everything I need." said Argall.

      Negaunee Cable, up until recently, was always owned publicly by the city.

      But thanks to private cable companies like Charter, its losing too many subscribers to stay that way.

      "Due to the competitiveness of TV, cable and satellite TV, times have changed." said Negaunee City Manager Jeff Thornton.

      In fact, times are bad for Negaunee Cable. It now has less than 500 subscribers left in a town of thousands.

      So it was recently sold to a private owner, former Negaunee City Councilman Nick Visser, who plans to use a simple, but he hopes effective, strategy to again make Negaunee Cable attractive to customers.

      "People will be able to get stations that they actually watch for competitive pricing, good pricing. And Internet that's gonna be competitive with Charter, far less than what Charter's charging." said Visser.

      Even so, it won't be easy to retake so much territory. But Theresa Argall is willing to let Visser try.

      "He's going to offer more channels, more variety for us. I think people need to give him a chance." said Argall.

      That chance will come once Visser takes ownership of Negaunee Cable on August 1st.