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      Pulitzer Prize winner talks art and science at Michigan Tech

      The 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner in music, John Luther Adams, was at Michigan Technological University Tuesday speaking with faculty and students on the subject of how the separate disciplines of art and science can be brought together.

      Adams just found out he won the Pulitzer Prize in music Tuesday morning for his composition, 'Become Ocean.' Adams says he has spent a great deal of time working with scientific disciplines such as earth sciences for his music.

      He says art and science are two sides of the same coin and that both embody creative thought. Adams added that at technological universities, such as Michigan Tech, the idea of melding art with science is a unique discussion.

      "We think of artists as creative thinkers, but the best scientists are also creative thinkers," said Adams. "It's very exciting for creative thinkers working in difference disciplines to get together and share ideas."

      Adams will again be speaking Tuesday night at the Rosza Center at 7:30 p.m. for another discussion on art and science.