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      Pupils for a day

      Teachers in front of the ore pit

      Water and the mining process--that was the focus of Friday's lesson for approximately 30 faculty members from various schools in Marquette County.

      It was all part of Cliffs Environmental Teacher Workshop where teachers receive an in-depth look inside the mines. It's on these tours they see everything from the pit to the process.

      "Just seeing the sheer scale of everything is pretty amazing," said Bryan Solander, a Technology teacher at Lakeview Elementary in Negaunee. "Everythingâ??s really much bigger than you can imagine in real life."

      "All this rock and ore is pretty cool to see," Solander.

      Cliffs has been hosting these tours for teachers every year since 2009.

      "Itâ??s amazing how much money they have invested in, not only the mine, but the community," said Dean Dompierre, a science teacher at Ishpeming Middle School. "It's an excellent opportunity for those of us that are working in the classroom to learn about this process."

      Jennifer Huetter, Public Affairs employee with Cliffs, said the program has been "very successful" and each year teachers are "very engaged."

      "They ask a lot of great questions," stated Huetter. "I think itâ??s really good to have that dialogue and have that interaction with them."

      Cliffsâ?? employees say they enjoy educating about the mining process as much as the teachers love learning it.