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      Purple Heart recipient comments on crisis in Middle East

      A former resident of Baraga who received a Purple Heart five years ago is commenting on the current events in the Middle East and says he thinks an air strike could be useful.

      Sonny Lemerande served in the U.S. Navy beginning in 2003 and was deployed to Afghanistan six years later. During 2009, his Humvee drove over a tank mine, leaving his leg severely injured.

      Lemerande received a Purple Heart for his service in May of 2009 and has been medically retired since 2012.

      Lemerande says though it's still sometimes difficult for him to talk about, he says the current crisis in the Middle East raises serious emotions.

      â??It kind of makes me a little angry because it kind of makes me think that what we did over there in the first place was kind of going for nothing. It means nothing. People that died means nothing if we're just going to let them lose everything we gained and done over there. It's kind of a waste,â?? said Lemerande.

      Lemerande is currently in school to be a social worker and competes in the Paralympic sports in his free time.