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      Put on your dancin' shoes!

      Marquette's Annual Blueberry Dance Festival is underway, and this year's performances are sure to be just as great, if not better, than the last!

      "What makes Blueberry Dance Festival so more unique than other festivals is because we have free workshops offered during Blueberry Fest, and those are by local instructors who volunteer their own time to teach a class," said Camilla Mingay, Director of Blueberry Dance Festival.

      Dancers and aspiring dancers from all over the Upper Peninsula have come together for a week's worth of dance classes, featuring a number of different genres such as ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and so much more.

      "People that have had dance experience, no dance experience, or they want to try something new, are thinking about taking a dance class. It's a great opportunity to try with a new instructor and see what they like," Mingay said.

      "I started dancing when I was two, and I just really enjoy it. And it's good experience to learn more stuff," said Emma Bradley, 10 years old.

      This Thursday, a dance competition will take place at 10 a.m. followed by a performance by all of the classes at 7:30 p.m. In Kaufman Auditorium. The competition is free to watch, and tickets for the performance are available at the Second Skin Shop on Third Street.

      One of the more exciting aspects of this year's Blueberry Dance Festival is the arrival of Kent Boyd, a "So You Think You Can Dance" star!

      "I am really excited for Kent Boyd! I've been watching him on 'So You Think You Can Dance,' and he's just amazing. He's inspirational," said Chloe Peterson, 11 years old.

      And if you miss any of the classes during the week, there will be plenty more free classes to participate in, Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Synergy Fitness.

      "I think it's really important to embrace the art of dancing and acrobatics, and I think it's really encouraging that Marquette is so blessed to have so many wonderful instructors in the area," said Vanessa McCoy, owner of Peak Gymnastics and Fitness.

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