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      Q107.7 up and running at full power

      After six months, one local radio station is back up and running at full power.

      Q107.7 in Marquette is using a brand new antenna after theirs was damaged during a winter storm on January 3.

      Range Telecommunications workers were unable to assess the damage due to the extreme cold and wind this winter. Once they brought the antennae down, they found the damage was too severe to fix.

      In the meantime, the radio station has been using a different frequency to reach its listeners.

      "The listeners were understanding and Educational Media Foundation allowed us to use a translator in Marquette at 106.1 on that frequency, and we no longer need that. So a lot of people stepped to the plate, very understanding and we're very grateful for that," said Q107 owner Tom Mogush. "After 40 years in this community we're just happy to be a part of it and the people are great to us."

      Mogush also said he hopes listeners can help spread the word and let everyone know they're back on their original frequency at 107.7 FM.