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      Quarry quandary continues in Portage Township

      The battle between Portage Township and the Valley View Quarry continues after a heated discussion at Monday night's Portage Township meeting. As you may recall, a judge ordered the quarry to shut down after zoning issues arose in April. Quarry owner Andy Moyle expressed frustration at what he says is the board's refusal on resolving the issue. Moyle says he completed a permit application while following specific guidelines in public act one of the law. Township Supervisor Bruce Petersen responded that the board needs more information before they can make a decision.

      "The application as submitted was over 15 pages long," said Moyle. "I addressed every issue that they wanted. It's not like it's a mystery how we've been operating; we've been there for a number of years before."

      "What we need for a special use permit from this board is definitive things: dust abatement, work hours, protecting the water table, environmental concerns, remediation concerns," said Petersen during the meeting.

      A bill sponsored by Senator Tom Casperson was recently signed into law that would allow the gravel pit to reopen if it does not cause substantial harm to the community.