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      Questions arise as Dickinson County passes budget

      On Monday evening, the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners passed the budget of nearly $9.2 million, but some county employees had initial concerns about a resolution to preserve current retiree health benefits.

      The resolution from 2007 sought to extend health benefits to employees who were hired before January 1, 1996. The resolution was passed in 2007 and was included in this year's budget.

      Despite public concerns, the county wanted to make clear there's no additional increase to the taxpayer.

      "Some of the employees, current employees, brought it forth at a budget hearing and were concerned about benefits given to a select group of people, but I do want to reiterate that those folks satisfied the same requirements as everyone else getting that benefit, and it would be a very dangerous precedent for the Board of Commissioners to set to break those contractual promises," said Nicole Frost, Dickinson County Controller.

      County union employees currently will not receive retiree health benefits.