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      Quick Trophy ships all around the world

      For fourteen years, Quick Trophy has been selling trophies, medals, plaques and other products all over the world. The company has set themselves apart from the others to become an international success.

      Like their name says, Quick Trophy prides itself on their turnaround time.

      â??If you order something off of our website today we will either make it today or make it tomorrow and ship it out by tomorrow at the latestâ?? said Terry Dehring, president of Quick Trophy. â??We have a 24 hour turnaround time on all of our orders.â??

      That is not just for the Upper Peninsula, either. With almost 99% of their business done online, Quick Trophy is able to ship all over the country and the world. They have even shipped orders all the way to Antarctica.

      â??With a business like ours, you could be in Oklahoma, you could be in California, and the customers would not careâ?? said Dehring. â??We can live wherever we want to live and we choose to live in Marquette because we love it here.â??

      Though most customers do not physically come into the store, employees still love working in the Upper Peninsula.

      â??It is wonderful because we live in a place where a lot of people come for vacation, so it really is a laid-back atmosphereâ?? said Dehring. â??Also being in a position where we sell and ship our products nationwide and worldwide, we are not dependent on a local economy we just contribute to it.â??

      Aside from trophies, Quick Trophy also sells plaques, name tags and various party favors. But nothing compares to their one creation, the Guinness World record holding tallest trophy in the world, standing just shy of 23 feet tall. The trophy can be seen inside the Superior Dome.

      â??We are always willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy and get something unique to you if that is something you desireâ?? said Peter Bray, production floor supervisor.

      â??We have great employees, it is a great community, we just love being hereâ?? said Dehring.

      For more information about Quick Trophy, visit their website: