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      Quickly changing road conditions result in multiple crashes

      Heavy lake effect snow dumped a messy situation on drivers Tuesday morning.

      What started out as a relatively easy commute quickly turned serious for many drivers as heavy snow and slippery roads sent several cars into ditches and some into other commuters.

      The Marquette County Sheriff's Department and the Michigan State Police responded to numerous accidents up and down US-41 from Marquette to Ishpeming.

      Aside from the inclement weather, authorities say recklessness on the part of drivers led to many of the crashes.

      "Road conditions changed suddenly and when that happens, drivers have to adjust; drivers were not adjusting," said Sgt. Kevin Dowling of the Michigan State Police. "Speeds were too fast and we had a number of accidents that occurred in a relatively short period of time."

      The state police say despite the high number of crashes Tuesday morning, none of them resulted in serious injuries.

      If you need road conditions throughout the State of Michigan, please call the Michigan State Police road conditions hotline at 1-800-381-8477. You can also check out the Michigan Department of Transportation website on the keys to winter driving.