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      Quincy Smelting Works delisted from Torch Lake Superfund

      The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has completed the cleanup at the Quincy Smelting Works site in Franklin Township to officially delist it from the Torch Lake Superfund.

      The Torch Lake Superfund site, including the Quincy Smelting Works, was established in 1986 when the EPA had concerns about the heavy metal runoff into the Portage Lake from the stamp sands.

      Since then, multiple groups in the area have worked with the EPA to place a nine-inch ground cover over the stamp sand.

      Now delisted, the Keweenaw National Historical Park Advisory Commission is planning to purchase the property from the township for $335,000 by 2015.

      â??We do that so that people can better understand the site, appreciate the site, and are able to connect with their own heritage through their experience at that site,â?? said KNHP Park Ranger, Tom Baker.

      Future plans include stabilization of the buildings on the property to convert the site into an attraction point, as well as the possibility of housing the Isle Royale National Park headquarters.