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      Racers, start your outhouses!

      More than 2,500 people flooded into Trenary Saturday for the 20th Annual Trenary Outhouse Classic.

      Twenty-three teams raced their homemade outhouses across the finish line. Many of this year's outhouses held a '20s theme in honor of the 20th anniversary. All money raised from the race goes back into the Trenary community. Racers come from all around to compete.

      Jamie Waldron-Cooley traveled from Ithaca, Michigan with some friends to compete for the first time. Their Christmas tree fell off along the way, but she says she plans on coming back next year.

      "I love the people up here, the environment. It's fun checking out the other outhouses. The whole day has just been a blast," said Waldron-Cooley.

      Here are this year's top winners from each age category:

      Little Trots, age 6 to 10: Snow Storm Chaser, Olivia Viau & Hudson Cady of Trenary, 21.21s

      Big Kids, age 16 to 20: Jay Grahovac & Tom Andre of Trenary, 29.36s

      Stinkers, age 21 to 35: Don't Knock Just Tap, Keith Maki & Jake Colantonio of Skandia, 26.01s

      Da Dabits, age 36 to 49: Moonshine Runners, Matt Zika & Mark Stacey of Negaunee, 33.44s

      Old Farts, age 50 and over: Gold Rush, Lindsay King & Scott Coshenet of Escanaba, 45.79s

      After a "dumping" of #snow, the Trenary Outhouse Classic drew thousands. Can't make this stuff up.HT @wluctv6:

      â?? Jonathan Erdman (@wxjerdman) February 24, 2013