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      Racetracks in the U.P.

      You will hear roaring and squealing as the cars try to pass each other. You will see this and a lot more at the U.P.'s race tracks.

      Terri Bell writes: "Sands Speedway! We go there every Saturday, and it's a blast. It's growing every week, and where else can you get a taco for a dollar?"

      Manager of Sands Speedway, Stan Wittler, says more and more people are coming.

      "We are growing this year. We have a higher car count than we had last year, and more people are developing an interest to get a car out there. We have guys building cars to come out yet, so it's growing," said Wittler.

      It's been open since the 1960s, and there's a race every Saturday at 5 p.m. Eastern.

      Another fan favorite is Norway Speedway; it's a paved third-mile oval track. If you are looking to go to a race on Friday nights, this is the place to go. Races start at 7 p.m Central.

      Are you in the banana belt? Well, visit the Upper Peninsula International Raceway in Escanaba. It's the newest track in the U.P. as it's been open since 2010 and it's a dirt road track.

      You can catch a race there on Saturdays.

      Probably the best known track in the U.P. is the Bark River International Raceway. Their next race is on August 11. Not only is this a great event for anyone to watch, but it's also a great sport for kids.

      "It's exciting to see the young kids getting involved in it. It teaches them a lot of discipline, and you have to keep your car set up, you have to maintain it. It gives them a structure. It really works good for them," Wittler said.