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      Racing the clock in statue building

      Maybe it's the warmer temperatures. For students it could be the five-day weekend that started Wednesday afternoon. Whatever the reason, a large number of Michigan Tech students, along with residents from the community, turned out Wednesday night to check on the Winter Carnival statues in progress.

      "You can see the before and after," said Forestry student, Jarrod Nelson, "and then they can really put it into perspective how much work goes into it."

      While the majority of each statue was built before Wednesday afternoon, it's the tiny details that will be formed into the wee hours of Thursday morning that brings many people out tonight, before the 50 sculptures are finished.

      "I like it alot," said 14-year-old Houghton resident, Liam Hrabinksy. "I'm a little confused with a few of the ones that we saw over there. But I like it so far."

      Since Winter Carnival recess started at Michigan Tech Wednesday at 4 p.m., many of the students will stayed out all to enjoy other's handiwork and to chisel out the defining features of their own statues.

      "The coolest thing, I would say, probably the detail that goes into it," Nelson said. "A lot of them are really intricate, so it's really neat."

      Even the youngest spectators are in awe of the finished product.

      "They're awesome," said eight-year-old Patrick Sullivan. "I like how they're sculpted."

      We asked six-year-old Ethan Blough what he thought made them cool. "How they just form them," replied Ethan.

      For more photos and information, visit the official Winter Carnival site.

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