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      Rail jam a success

      Crowds cheer own the snowboarders at the Downtown Showdown in Marquette.

      The streets of downtown Marquette were covered with snow, and for once it wasn't a direct result of Mother Nature. Instead it was dumped there on purpose for the Downtown Showdown.

      This is the first year for the rail jam and ski competition. Snowboarders and skiers started at the top of the hill on Front Street.

      Some performed a few jumps like you would usually see in a ski area instead of such an urban setting.

      "Yeah, I really have to hand it to my volunteers. They've been out here for the late nights, last night, and this morning, bright and early. All of these jumps and rails were all hand-sculpted and hand-built," said Brandon Croney, owner of The Compound.

      Even though the event is in its infancy, organizers are hoping to take it to the next level next year as it becomes a fun annual winter event.