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      Rain and snow will make for a slushy weekend

      UPDATE: The low pressure system's newest likely track will take it north toward Michigan by Sunday night. Sunday should see some continued rain and snow mix, but late Sunday night into Monday may see some significant snowfall, mainly for the central counties. The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Watches for Sunday into Monday. Monday night and Tuesday should see mainly lake effect snow.


      It's a tough forecast to say the least. The weekend will see snow, rain, mild temperatures, and breezy conditions.Let's start with the easy part: temperatures.Thanks to persistent south winds, Saturday's highs will reach again into the mid 30s and temps will barely fall at all Saturday night as they will remain in the low 30s. Sunday's highs will also be in the 30s, but Sunday night will fall into the 10s to low 20s.Now for the harder part: precipitation.As a low pressure system moves east from the Central Plains, the UP will definitely feel the impacts with plenty of precipitation Saturday, Sunday, and some of Monday. Due to temperatures hovering just a few degrees above freezing, the precipitation type is challenging and highly dependent on time, surface temperatures, and location.The easiest thing to say is that there will be a rain and snow mix on Saturday with some rain, but mostly snow on Sunday, but I'll try and break it down.For Saturday, precipitation should start by late morning west and move east throughout the day. It may start as snow, but by the afternoon and evening with temps in the mid 30s, it should be mostly rain for the central and eastern UP. The northwestern UP may see more snow than rain.Late Saturday night into Sunday it may fall mostly as snow in the morning, but then it may turn to a bit of a rainier mix for Sunday afternoon.Sunday night should see mostly snow as winds shift out of the north and temperatures drop. By that time, precipitation should be less widespread as the system moves further east and our precip will turn over to lake effect snow.Monday should see some continued lake effect snow.Most snowfall on Saturday and Sunday should be minimal for the UP with under an inch. Warm temperatures will greatly hinder accumulation.For the latest forecast, join me on Facebook and on the Late News. Stay safe on the roads!