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      Rain or shine: Van Riper alive with music

      Campers and visitors to Van Riper State Park enjoyed some live music outdoors this Saturday.

      It was the third annual Van Riper Music Fest. The event is free for everyone and just meant to be a fun and casual day in the park. A total of 10 U.P. based musical acts took to the stage over the course of the day. Unfortunately it was stormy for parts of the afternoon, and the park rangers had to place tarps over much of the equipment.

      The weather also kept attendance low for some of the day.

      "We had pretty good turnout, quite a few people out here. As soon as it started raining though, everybody ducked back inside so hopefully once the rain stops we'll have a great turnout again," said Matena Coron, a park ranger.

      The Van Riper park rangers plan to make the music fest bigger and better each year.