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      Raising the limit

      Changes may soon be coming to some highways and interstates here in Michigan.

      Michigan lawmakers are looking at raising the speed limit in certain areas, such as the Seney stretch and a few places on US-41. They're basing this decision off of a few different studies done, indicating that there are less traffic accidents when the speed limit is raised.

      Many of the studies were research-based, and conducted by the Michigan State Police.

      "The 85 percentile that the State Police aways talk about, where people normally travel, those are the ranges of what they're travelling. The interstate's roughly 80, and on the two lanes, it's close to 65," said Senator Tom Casperson.

      One proposition is to raise the interstate speed to 80 miles per hour, and some highways to 65 or 70, depending on the specific area, being considered.

      "I think the speed limit being raised should be looked at by the location of where they want to raise the speed limit. You know, in certain areas, sure, why not? And in other areas, they should take into consideration wildlife," said Vanessa Bison, a U.P. resident.

      "It, (my motorbike), doesn't like to cruise much higher than 55, but I guess if we were in a passenger vehicle or truck or trailer, I can see doing 65 or so pretty comfortably on those roads," said Jerrod Thomas, a U.P. resident.

      And police agree, within reason.

      "If it relieves some of the pressure on the drivers and allows some of the people to drive a little faster in a comfortable and safe matter, that's fine, as long as it's safe," said Undersheriff Jack Schneider, Marquette County Sheriff's Office.

      Senator Casperson says he and other Michigan lawmakers are working together with the State Police and the Michigan Department of Transportation to establish these changes, based on concrete research evidence and common sense.