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      Random acts of kindness in the name of the Newtown victims

      The Newtown shooting affected people in different ways, and everyone found their own way to cope.

      The shooting inspired Dawn Dott Dance Studio in Marquette to do 26 random acts of kindness, one for each victim. The kids have been going around their communities and giving back to their friends, neighbors, and even people they don't know.

      Dawn Dott instructors say the program has benefited many and taught the children valuable lessons.

      The acts of kindness range from making get well cards for hospital patients, to giving their piggy bank savings to people battling illnesses, to paying for someone's Starbucks. Next week, the studio plans to help out UPAWS by donating blankets and pet food to the animals and walk and pet them.

      The dance students say they have enjoyed every minute of it.

      "I think it's nice to do it because you're, like, doing it for a good cause, and I like this theme because it can be inspired by something that has happened," said Chloe Peterson, a dancer at Dawn Dott Dance Studio.

      The program is expanding throughout the community, and after their annual recital, the dancers hope to catch the attention of even more people and inspire them to do the same.

      Their recital this year is titled "Project Inspire" and will feature pictures of all of the kids doing their random acts of kindness.

      The recital will take place on Mother's Day weekend this year.