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      Ranger III fights invasive species

      The National Park Service and Isle Roayle National Park celebrated the installation of a new ballast treatment system on the Ranger III.

      The system was installed on the ship back in May and it helps prevent the transfer of aquatic invasive species to and from the National Park.

      The Ranger III is the first freshwater ship in the Great Lakes with a permanent ballast treatment system.

      ??We??re leading by example by installing this technology. We actually don??t have to put it on our ship because we??re in one Captain of the Port Area but we??re hoping to encourage leadership in industry to put treatments on their ship and help bring more treatments online,?? said Park Superintendent Phyllis Green.

      During the celebration, people got a chance to tour the Ranger III. After the tour the National Park Service offered visitors a free cruise on the Keweenaw Waterway.