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      Rapid River Relic Ride

      If you are a fan of classic snowmobiles, you don't need a time machine to relive the past. Every year the Rapid River Relic Riders get together, not only to show off their classic snowmobiles, but to ride them as well.

      "The whole intent of the ride is just to encourage people to bring out these old sleds and have a good time," said David Shope, President of the Rapid River Relic Riders.

      The Relic Riders were born because a group of guys wanted to see how many other people enjoy classic snowmobiles as much as they did.

      "It's just fun to see a smile on everybody's face when they are riding this old stuff," said Scott Nieuwenkamp of the Rapid River Relic Riders.

      "It's working well, it's growing bigger and better every year," said Mark Caswell of the Rapid River Relic Riders.

      Friday marked the seventh annual Relic Ride. The ride goes around the Rapid River area and after the ride was over, participants were able to warm up by a bonfire.

      In order to be a part of the group, folks needed to bring canned goods to be donated to local food pantries.

      If you feel disappointed that you missed out on the ride, don't worry because the fun hasn't ended yet.

      You can still check out the snowmobile swap meet Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. off of Main St. in Rapid River.

      "The swap meet is going to consist of, hopefully, a lot of old parts and old sleds, old suits, helmets, anything that's related to snowmobiling back in the '60s and '70s," Caswell said.

      People of all ages are welcome to attend; in fact there were many children having fun already Friday afternoon.