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      Rate changes are coming for Escanaba electricity users

      The sale of the Escanaba Power Plant is moving forward, and the tentative date for it to be sold is June 15 to a local company called Escanaba Green Energy.

      During a joint meeting of the Electric Advisory Committee and the Escanaba City Council, the environmental remediation at the power plant was discussed, and an agreement to lower electric rates for customers was approved.

      They also got the results of a study done by a salvage demolition-type company. Officials wanted those numbers to see if the offer price they were dealing with was reasonable.

      "We're in a pretty good position right now," said Electric Superintendent Mike Furmanski. "We actually have a budget surplus of about $1.8 million, so we're able to lower rates. Residential is going to be looking at 6.4 percent decrease. Commercial is a 17.3 percent decrease, and large power is looking at 13.7 percent decrease."

      The rate reduction still has to be finalized through the ordinance process.