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      Raw goat milk a healthy alternative

      Itâ??s one of nature's most perfect beverages: raw goat milk.

      â??This is fresh, not processed goat milk,â?? said Bob Taylor, owner of Firstfruits Farm in Crystal Falls. â??In other words, it doesn't have all the good stuff cooked off."

      Bob and his wife, Darlene, raise OberhÃsli goats, a breed with a sweet disposition, hailing from Switzerland.

      â??The method in which we raise them is really conducive to being a part of a small farm,â?? Taylor said.

      As a result of their mild and sweet personalities, it only follows suit that their milk would taste the same. "It doesn't taste strong or goaty,â?? Taylor explained.

      On average, each goat produces about a gallon of raw milk a day. When combined with the several goats on the farm, Bob and Darlene end up with quite the bucketful of natural milk.

      So what exactly makes this frothy, white goodness such a perfect food?

      â??In a nutshell, this milk has its own built-in immune system. If something actually did get into this live milk, it would be attacked,â?? Taylor said.

      The nutrients found in the milk aren't found in other processed milks, offering the drinker many health benefits.

      â??If we consume whole foods, our body knows what to do with that and our immune system says, â??Yes!â?? It gets the gut flora working correctly; there have been people with Crohnâ??s disease turned around 180 degrees,â?? Taylor added.

      Raw goat milk cannot be sold in Michigan, but the Taylors sometimes give it to friends and encourage other families to raise OberhÃsli's on their own to reap the benefits.

      Itâ??s an activity they say is part of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.