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      RAW INTERVIEW: Bill Nye the Science Guy

      This is the raw interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy at Northern Michigan University's Vandament Arena prior to his lecture on Thursday 9-20-12. The recording was from a press conference, so his head moves a fair amount speaking to multiple reporters. The video is about 15 minutes long and has been edited slightly to exclude reporters' voices and time between question.

      Nye addresses the message behind his lecture, his recent controversy regarding his views on creationism versus evolution in the classroom, what work he spends his time on these days, ways that loggers and miners can lessen their impact on the environment, his reaction to such large and excited crowds, what questions he is most commonly asked, his personal connections to Michigan, and the biggest challenges he faces today.

      For more information about Bill Nye, check out his biography .

      For a taste of his hit 1990s TV show, watch the opening intro .

      His controversial video can be found here .

      This image appeared on Reddit on Thursday. The image pokes fun that Nye looks like Abraham Lincoln. It was taken during the Q and A and you can see me in the foreground.

      For the original story that aired Thursday night, follow this link .