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      Reach for the S.K.Y.

      There is no shortage of musically inclined people in the Copper Country. Many of those musically inclined people happen to be teenagers.

      Calumet Theatre hosted teens from all over Houghton County for the Reach for the S.K.Y. benefit talent show.

      S.K.Y., or Simple Kindness for Youth, provides money to high school students in need for anything, ranging from boots, a prom dress, or travel costs for academic functions. The youth are performing to raise money for the organization.

      "I love performing, I like playing music, and it's cool to be able to use that to contribute to something bigger," said Houghton High School senior, Eli Lilleskov.

      S.K.Y. president, Lynnette Borree, said the show not only helped raise money for students in need, it helped bring the spotlight on students' talents as well.

      "It's really nice for kids that have these musical talents to get out of their garages and basements and be able to perform on stage,â?? said Borree. â??You could really see that some of the students that performed a couple of years ago, it was really nice to see them grow and develop as musicians."

      Renditions of popular rock, pop, and country songs were played as well as a few original pieces. Students performed all different styles of music that reflected each of their own individual personalities, but they said the best part of the show extends beyond the music.

      Wynter Bethel, a junior at Houghton High School, sang an original song with two of her friends, and said she was happy to get to use her talents to give back.

      "I'm very glad to have this opportunity to help others and also to perform," said Bethel.

      Reach for the S.K.Y. raised over $1000 from the talent show.