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      Ready for a feast

      Last minute shoppers in Marquette packed into Econo Foods Wednesday night in preparation for their Thanksgiving meals. Grocery stores usually see their highest sales during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Turkeys, stuffing and all the trimmings were the hot items Wednesday.

      Employees at Econo were well prepared to handle the amount of customers that came through. Econo Foods managers say it gets easier after today.

      "They go home and relax with their families and that sort of thing. It is a hectic, hectic couple of weeks before a holiday for us, and luckily we have a good group and they're used to it by now," said Store Manager, Zach Quinnell.

      He also said they begin ordering volumes of holiday food months in advance. Econo Foods will be open during Thanksgiving in case you forgot anything for your feast.