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      Ready, set...strut your mutt

      Cathy Hebert with her pit bull Josie

      Hundreds of dog owners walked around Marquette's Mattson Lower Harbor Park Saturday for the "8th Annual Strut Your Mutt" event.

      The walk was put on by the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) which helps dogs and cats find a loving home.

      Cathy Hebert brought along her pit bull named Josie to the event. Herbert adopted Josie from UPAWS.

      "Shelter dogs tend to have better personalities and of course they're left in the shelter and need loving forever homes. We brought Josie out here today to get some exposure to other dogs and also to raise awareness of UPAWS," said Cathy Hebert, dog owner.

      This is the shelters largest fundraising event of the year. Last year's "Strut Your Mutt" brought in $25,000.