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      Readying for Black Friday

      It will be really busy at the check out line this Friday.

      Shoppers will be out in full force looking for the best holiday deals.

      The day after Thanksgiving is known as the biggest shopping day of the year and businesses are preparing for the big day.

      "We actually start in October checking the merchandise that we're going to be getting in. We have a big district meeting," said Sears owner Cathy Dennis.

      Most businesses have warehouses which store many of the items you're looking to buy and as you can see behind me, these boxes are already tagged and will be on hold until Black Friday begins.

      Not to be outdone by the bigger businesses, Northwoods Sporting Goods in Hancock is trying something new this year for Black Friday.

      "We're going to be open 8 to 8 on Friday. On Friday we'll have 10 percent off and the first 25 customers that come in the door will get an additional 15 percent off," said Northwoods Sporting Goods owner Richard Freeman.

      To stay safe among the large crowds on Black Friday, experts say always remember your cell phone just in case there is an emergency, if the crowds become too overwhelming find the nearest exit, and pay attention to your surroundings especially in the parking lots.

      After all that holiday shopping, customers may be running low on energy and need a boost.

      To accommodate the rush Suomi's Restaurant in downtown Houghton will open its doors at 6 AM.

      "Black Friday is one of our busiest days of the year and we have extra staff coming in earlier and it's just a wonderful day," said Suomi TMs waitress Kathy Puuri.

      In addition to local businesses opening early for Black Friday, there is another important shopping day.

      This weekend starts Small Business Saturday and everyone is encouraged to shop locally.