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      Real cars, on real roads, going real fast

      Drivers lined up for the oldest, meanest rally on the rally circuit, the Lake Superior Performance Rally--a race of real cars, on real roads, going real fast.

      So it's not like any other race on a track, it's more intense as they have to overcome different terrain. It's the first time Matt Solka participated.

      "Now we have to deal more with nature, natural road conditions, more natural terrain. The only maintenance on the roads are regular county roads; it's a lot different course design and set up," said Solka.

      Each car takes off at different time intervals. So they are racing against the clock to complete each stage with the fastest time. Drivers are not alone. To guide them along the way, they have a co-driver.

      Allan Dantes, driver number 15, says having someone else there is different.

      "He is telling me the road, my brain has to process the road, look at the road, work on the pedals. He is reading off the route book, he is explaining every corner to me. It's a whole new level where you have to concentrate on all three things at the same time," said Dantes.

      There's more to rally racing than that. Since they are driving on the roads that the public drives on, they have to abide by the speed limits and all the road rules or else they get penalized.

      Dallas Bond with the LSPR says this event is great for the local economy as it attracts more people.

      "The fans that follow rally, following drivers, they come as well as family members. All of a sudden you can take 800 people and make it close to 1,600 people," said Bond.

      Officials hope to make the national circuit next year. For more information on rallying racing, click here .