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      Recall filed against city commissioners

      Recall language has been submitted to the Marquette City Clerk to oust three city commissioners.

      Michael Neiger filed a recall against Sarah Reynolds, Mike Coyne, and Dave Campana. It's because of their votes allowing the Upper Peninsula Rowing Club to build their boathouse on the beach at Founders Landing.

      Neiger isn't able to recall the other commissioners because their on their last term. He says the project isn't really open for public use.

      "Basically the only people that will be able to use the facility are members who pay dues and this is on city beach. I'm a city tax payer and property owner and it's just not right," says Neiger.

      The recall language will now go up for approval in a clarity and factual hearing. If it's approved, close to 1,400 signatures will be needed to get the recall on the ballot.

      Only the recall for Mike Coyne can be put on the November ballot, while the other two will have to wait until the next election cycle.