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      Recording studio in Upper Peninsula creates high-quality music

      Walking into Interpose Productions, you may be shocked to know you arenâ??t in Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York City after seeing the cedar paneling, dark hardwood flooring, and first-class equipment. Itâ??s not an urban studio; this company is located in Iron River.

      It may seem unexpected for some of the small towns in the U.P., but for Seth Waters, he wouldn't want his company, Interpose Productions, to be anywhere else. â??The U.P. is by far my favorite place Iâ??ve lived,â?? said Waters. Although he's not an Iron River native, his passion for music started at a very early age. â??Growing up, my dad just had me playing music since I was a little kid; I remember banging on drums with Lincoln Logs when I was really, really young,â?? Waters said.

      Seth eventually began touring around the United States performing his music. â??I was playing music as a musician, and it wasn't until probably in the last five years that I started getting into production.â?? Through personal connections and obtaining a room in the Windsor Center, Seth opened Interpose Productions and has been actively recording high-quality music, bringing in musicians from all over the country. â??The last band I had came up from Arizona,â?? Waters said.

      But a studio located in a small town in the Upper Peninsula begs the question: is there a niche in the U.P. for a recording studio? According to Seth, there is. â??Yes! The local talent that is hiding in the Upper Peninsula is unbelievable, and Iâ??ve actually been amazed after living in places like Chicago and southern California,â?? Waters said.

      His future goals include more than just continuing to record music...he wants to reach out. â??The goal, I think, for me since Iâ??ve been involved in the community is two-fold: I would love to see Interpose Productions become more successful, and Iâ??d love to be able to hire some employees,â?? Waters said. â??Itâ??s also so rewarding to see how this business has been a benefit to the community.â?? From eventually get youth involved to helping out with community events, Interpose Productions does more than create music. It creates community.

      For more information, visit the Interpose Productions' Facebook page here.