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      Records, magazines and posters for sale

      It was a blast from the past on the campus of Northern Michigan University as people got a chance to thumb through vinyl records, movie posters, and magazines on Saturday.

      However, records and posters weren't the only thing on sale. CDs and DVDs were also available for purchase.

      The event brought collectors and dealers from all across the state of Michigan.

      "I think it's the idea that it's something that you remember from when you were younger," said Jon Teichman, record and poster dealer. "Maybe the music that you enjoy the most was that music that you listen to maybe between the ages of 16 and 21 and you're looking for those bands, you're looking for those images and saying, hey, I remember that."

      "I love the artifact," said music lover Chad McKinney. "I love the 12-inch format, the size of it, the visual qualities of it. Listening to a vinyl record is just more of an experience."

      Organizers say the event is a great way for people to connect and share their musical interests. The record and poster sale is offered three times a year. The next sale will be in the spring. Click here for more information.