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      Recounts being held in Dickinson County

      There will be two recounts Monday, one state and one local, at Bay West College in Iron Mountain. The first recount will be in Dickinson and Delta counties for the 108th District Representative race. Sharon Gray was declared the winner by 93 votes over Judy Nerat, who is challenging the results. Delta County's recount for the race is set for Tuesday. Menominee County is not being contested. The second race being recounted is for Dickinson County Prosecutor. Lisa Richards was declared the winner with 31 votes more than Julie LaCost, who is requesting the recount.

      "That will be done at the same time because we are opening all the boxes, and there's 5,000 ballots, and they said we can do it at the same time. I would think we'll be done sometime middle of the afternoon," said Dickinson County Clerk, Dolly Cook.

      The recount will involve the ballots being counted twice. The recount begins at 9 a.m. central time Monday in Iron Mountain and is open to both the candidates and the public.