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      Recovering and finishing strong

      It's David Bach's first time back on a bike in 12 months.

      "The first two to three minutes my heart was racing," said David. "It was a weird sensation; I think it was just adrenaline. And then, I realized, I do miss it."

      He hasn't been able to ride recently because he's been recovering from an accident at a previous Ore To Shore bike race in Marquette. During last year's race, as he neared the Superior Dome and the finish line, he tore his body's largest artery, the aorta.

      Half of the people with this type of medical emergency die before even making it to the hospital. Paramedics rushed him to Marquette General Hospital which was fortunately only a few blocks away from where he stopped.

      After the successful emergency surgery, David's recovery has been remarkable. He says he took it one day at a time.

      "First time I climbed a flight of steps about 14 days after surgery," David said. "I had to sit down for 15 minutes and just rest. I was starting from scratch, cardiovascular-wise."

      Trying to keep his heart rate low, David's been told by doctors to avoid intense physical activities. But now he's ready to pick up from where he left off last year to ride the last five blocks of the track.

      "I had no idea that, a year from now, not only would he be back to complete the race, but my entire family and his children would ride in his honor," said Greg Bach, his brother.

      Adding in his time from last year, David aimed to finish in one hour and forty-eight minutes. And he's done just that, with his loved ones cheering him on from the side.

      "We're just so grateful to Marquette, the community, Marquette General Hospital, the medical staff there, that they gave us this opportunity to come back and celebrate," Greg said. "It's been a great weekend, a lot of emotion, but we're just glad to be back."

      "Just happy to be able to finish, even though it's been a long journey," David said. "I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity. It's been a great day, and actually a great year, because every day is a bonus for me."

      Thanks to the support of his family and friends, David said that he enjoyed the experience so much that he plans on returning to the 2013 Ore to Shore to race again next year.