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      Recreation USA performs at Jacobetti Home for Veterans

      A traveling music group got a chance to entertain the former troops this Saturday at the Jacobetti Home for Veterans.

      The group is called Recreation USA and it travels all around the country performing classic songs and genres of music for veterans lodges and veterans homes.

      The group is sponsored in Michigan by the Michigan Elks Association, who says it's an honor to provide support for both the show and the veterans it entertains.

      "The Elks say as long as there are veterans, the Elks will never forget them. So, it's an honor and a privilege to be able to support the group today as they entertain the residents at Jacobetti Home for Veterans" said Michigan Elks representative Robert Wellman.

      The group ended its 2013 season with this performance. It'll begin work on its 2014 season starting in july.