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      Recycling issues have improved

      A few months ago, Delta County had been seeing an increased amount of garbage showing up in the recycling bins. If the issue continued, Delta County??s recycling facility would have to purchase another permit to handle the excess garbage.

      That permit would cost the tax payers money. For the past month, Escanaba and Gladstone have been raising community awareness. They hoped informing the community about accepted, and not accepted items may lower the amount of trash. It seems their plan is working.

      ??When we started we could have some loads of our recycling within high 20s, percent wise, of garbage in the recycling and now towards the end were seeing middle teens,?? said city engineer, Bill Farrell. ?? So, we??ve seen a big improvement in the amount of garbage in the recycling.??

      To see a complete list of accepted items, visit this website.