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      Recycling old, broken or obsolete electronics and household items

      Have you ever wondered what to do with old, broken or obsolete electronics or household items? SGT'S Recycling has recently reopened in Escanaba, and they are accepting all of those items, whether they are in working order or not.

      Some states require the recycling of certain items, such as metal or plastic. But in the Upper Peninsula, recycling is optional.

      Jim Smith, President of SGT'S Recycling, says, "We accept any kind of electronic. Anything with a cord. Anything battery operated. We also accept all types of furniture, bedding, recliners, couches. We also get refrigerators, air conditioners and dehumidifiers."

      The recycling plant employs veterans to separate the materials from metal and plastic. The materials are then sold to companies in the U.P. that resell to manufacturers who will make new products. As many jobs as possible are kept here in the U.P. through local vendors.

      Located in Escanaba, SGT'S Recycling accepts metal, plastic and any household appliance or furniture from Delta and surrounding counties.

      Steve Hawn, CEO, says, "We have pickups over in Manistique, up to Marquette and over to some areas in Wisconsin. We have a town some three hours away that has us come in and do a city-wide drop off location for a day. We definitely encourage other towns and cities to contact us for assistance. Many different counties are part of our normal routes and pickup points."

      SGT'S Recycling says it processed nearly 500 tons of recyclable material last year. They hope to double that amount this year. They say by recycling your old items, you will also help the environment. Steve Hawn says, "Not everybody is into recycling. And we are trying to get the message through to everybody that recycling is very important."