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      Recycling opportunity in Alger County

      A group of volunteers set up a community recycling collection point in Chatham Saturday.

      It's a semi-annual event from the Au Train and Superior Corners 4H Club and the Superior Central Chapter of the National Honor Society. Alger County doesn't have a recycling system, so the event encourages local residents to recycle. At least one hundred people came Saturday morning bringing in plastics and paper. The drop-off tends collect at least two tons of recyclable materials each time. 4H volunteer Barb Trombley has been helping out for more than 10 years. She says that the event is good for the environment and educational to their young volunteers.

      "We're trying to teach the kids to be responsible with the environment and give them a lifelong skill in recycling," said Trombley.

      The materials were taken to the Delta County Recycling Facility. The next drop-off will be in October.