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      Red Cross volunteers deploy to flood zone

      A week of sandbagging in Fargo, North Dakota may be paying off, but emergency crews are still preparing for the worst.

      The Red Cross is sending five volunteers from the U.P. to operate shelters. Two of them left from Sawyer International Airport late Saturday morning. They'll spend the next two to three weeks in North Dakota.

      Forecasters with the National Weather Service say the Red River has crested just under 41 feet. The water started to recede Saturday afternoon, although the fight is far from over.

      When the Red Cross volunteers departed on Saturday, they didn't know exactly where or what shelter they'd be assigned to, but when they get there, they say they'll be busy trying to make evacuees as comfortable as possible.

      "We do mass care, so there could be anywhere from 50 people to 300 people," says volunteer Colleen Juidici. "Every situation is different."

      "It's really rewarding to be able to do this and help people," said volunteer Bonnie Johnston.

      More Red Cross volunteers from the U.P. could be leaving for North Dakota in the coming days, but for now, they'll be waiting out for what could possibly be the worst flooding in Fargo in more than a hundred years.