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      Released inmate finds new life at rehab home

      Some have described it as a revolving door: inmates re-entering society and finding themselves re-arrested and back in jail.

      For Kelvin Pepin, it was an addiction that prevented freedom from that trapping door.

      â??I started using drugs when I was 13 years old. I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, and it just progressed through the years until I found myself using IV drugs, any drugs I could get,â?? said Pepin.

      So after years of struggling to get out of a vicious cycle, Kelvin was finally confronted with an answer in jail.

      â??The only thing to read was a Bible, so I started reading the Bible,â?? Pepin explained. â??I met Deacon Don going to jail ministry, and he asked me to come into the home, which Iâ??m blessed that I did.â??

      The Alpha Omega home is designed for men like Kelvin who want to change their life after serving time but need help taking those first steps. The faith-based home is something Kelvin says has given him direction for his future.

      â??Weâ??re going to be involved with going out and donating our time in the community to give back,â?? Pepin said. â??I want to go to school and work with addiction, become a counselor and try to help the youth out.â??

      The revolving door was always there, but Kelvin made the decision to take the step through and take the step forward.