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      Relive the '40s this weekend

      It's time to put on your dancing shoes and swing back to 1940s. The Marquette Regional History Center is paying homage to the greatest generation by inviting everyone to take a trip back to the days of swing music, victory gardens and fireside radio chats.

      "We'll be getting out artifacts from our collection that have been donated, given to the museum from long ago. We'll be getting those out just for the public to see," said Betsy Rutz, museum educator.

      Visitors can also enjoy the sounds of the '40s and catch performances of popular dance styles of the time like the Boogie Woogie and East Coast Swing, as well as a little touch of '50s style Rock 'n Roll."We'll be performing more fun and energetic dances, so we'll have big band music along with some Rock 'n Roll," said Camilla Mingay. "We'll do some things kind of like what you'll see in the movie Grease."

      This is the center's first Saturday at the Center event of 2014, which is a series dedicated to exploring past decades or eras each month. "I hope they leave with the fact that history still has an impact on us today," Rutz added. For more information on this Saturday's event, visit the Marquette Regional History Center website.